About us

The ZRMK d.o.o. Building and Civil Engineering Institute is one of the companies in the ZRMK group; it consists of 6 centres, a business unit in Maribor and the ZRMK Laboratory.

  • The Centre for Materials and Structures
  • The Centre for Indoor Environment, Building Physics and Energy
  • The Centre for Geotechnics and Geology
  • The Centre for Traffic Routes and Infrastructure
  • The Technological Centre
  • The ZRMK Laboratory
  • The Building Centre
  • Business Unit Maribor

On 1.3.2003, ZRMK d.d. established its subsidiary company, the ZRMK d.o.o. Building and Civil Engineering Institute. Our mission is to continue ZRMK's nearly 65-year long tradition in the fields of development and research, knowledge acquisition and dissemination and novel discoveries in the field of construction. We are the leading technological development institute in the field of construction.

There are 6 centres operating within the framework of the institute, each focused on a different set of activities; there is also a business unit in Maribor. The institute employs, among others, ten doctors of science, four masters of science and several dozen engineers and experts with a university-level education in various fields. Through participation in domestic and foreign projects, we also associate with numerous partners and institutions from Slovenia, Europe and elsewhere. We offer comprehensive solutions for solving complex, non-standard problems in the fields of development, technical and technological consulting, project design, building material quality assurance and project execution. We work with state-of-the-art software and research equipment.

We are committed to long-term cooperation with our clients, professionalism, high quality of our products and services, timeliness and the promotion of internal culture in the company. To this end, we are cultivating a modern management and quality assurance approach in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. We are independent and impartial in our work.

In 2006, we opened a business unit in Maribor; it enables a direct connection to our clients in north-eastern Slovenia and improves communication.



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