Centre for Materials and Structures

At the Centre for Materials and Structures, we're dealing with investigations, analyses, development and planning of all kinds of building structures and engineered objects by investigating the properties of construction materials and developing new materials and construction techniques. The activities of the centre also include the engineering of demanding construction details in the field of waterproofing and thermal insulation of objects.

We specialise in more demanding objects and tasks, along with object restoration and reconstruction. We have considerable experience in the renovation of objects under monument protection programs and the design and execution of earthquake protection for older buildings.

Within the scope of these activities, we also conduct research and development projects in the field of construction materials and building structures as well as structure and material condition assessments. We identify faults and determine damage, advising on the methods and procedures for their remediation; we form expert opinions, perform demanding static and seismic analyses and create project documentation for building structures. We cooperate with the other ZRMK Centres to prepare comprehensive object restoration programmes.