• the strategic orientation of the technological centre and the preparation of  its operational programmes,
  • monitoring the economic development of the branches of industry that are associated with construction,
  • monitoring the trends and activities in the field of R&D and technological development,
  • monitoring the harmonisation of legislation and technical regulations,
  • monitoring and participating in the preparation of measures aiming to promote technological development and research/technological projects,
  • monitoring the Slovenian and European public tenders in the technological development field.


  • maintenance and supplementation of up-to-date knowledge, technologies, information and data,
  • acquiring new knowledge and understanding; for example, by partaking in fundamental and applied research programmes and projects, joining European R&D projects, through constant professional education and training,
  • preparing R&D proposals, research-technological and other projects according to the activity programme of the technological centre and the development resources and requirements of the clients,
  • cooperating in research-development projects with companies in the economic sector and other clients, in the capacity of a provider, co-provider or a consultant for the developmental phases of technological projects,
  • assistance and cooperation in applying for domestic (applying for subsidies offered by the MZT (Ministry of Science and Technology) for research-technological projects) and international projects, research and otherwise (e.g. the 7th Research Framework Programme, other EU programmes),
  • participating in the preparation, organisation and execution of measurements, tests, evaluations, pilot production runs within R&D projects, technological development and improvement projects, technology transfer, business development and company re-engineering,
  • the development and establishment of quality assurance systems linked to technological development,
  • other ways of putting knowledge, research results and technologies into business practice (consulting, education, training, informing),
  • participating in the introduction of modern materials, technologies, systems, methods, innovations and improvements into the economic sector (consulting, technological engineering).


  • business and project organisation and management,
  • acquiring and training personnel,
  • a system of coordinating application preparation and execution of research projects,
  • a service quality assurance system,
  • establishing expert and business relations with similar expert institutions and professionals,
  • acquiring, operating, maintaining and renovating research (testing, measurement, etc.) equipment and resources.