Technological Centre

The ZRMK Technological Centre is an infrastructural development centre – industry-wide technological centre in the field of construction. It is organised as an autonomous unit of the ZRMK Building and Civil Engineering Institute where research and development tasks are carried out on a project basis. All the ZRMK BCEI researchers and associates may participate in the tasks, as necessary.


The mission of the Technological Centre is to develop the Slovenian field of construction on the basis of knowledge, innovation and modern technologies and according to the principles of environmentally friendly, sustainable development. Through participation in domestic and foreign projects, we also associate with numerous partners and institutions from Slovenia and Europe.

The goals of the Technological Centre

  • the acquisition and preservation of knowledge and skills with the aim of technological development,
  • aligning and reinforcing the research and development potential of its members,
  • conducting research and development projects for small and medium businesses,
  • rational use of the research and development infrastructure,
  • directing the technological development policy in the field of construction,
  • promoting long-term mutual association between the research and development organisations and the economy,
  • developmental association of business organisations within a branch of industry,
  • making it easier for business organisations to access research results, new technologies and knowledge.

There are four research groups operating as part of the centre:

  • construction materials and technologies,
  • building constructions,
  • indoor environment and energy in buildings,
  • geotechnics and traffic routes.