Indoor Environment, Building Physics and Energy

The Centre for Indoor Environment, Building Physics and Energy conducts research and development in the field of building physics, building thermal response, efficient energy use and the related environment protection aspect, microclimate (in cultural heritage buildings as well), living comfort, environmental evaluation and sustainable building construction. The group actively contributes towards introducing novel and innovative technologies and approaches for energy-efficiency and alternative sources of energy in buildings.

An important part of the centre's activities involves cooperating with ministries and governmental authorities in forming the technical bases for national technical regulations governing object construction and efficient use of energy in buildings.

The centre has been successfully participating in numerous international projects that are part of various programmes: Intelligent Energy Europe, 5th and 6th Framework Programmes, COST, EUREKA.

The centre employs 7 associates, which includes one doctor of science, three masters of science in the field of construction or mechanical engineering, one university graduate mechanical engineer, one university graduate civil engineer and one expert associate.

Development lead in the field of building physics, activity lead for sustainable municipal energy use, activity lead for passive building construction and energy efficient retrofit, expert associates, an independent clerk.