Centre for Geotechnics and Geology

The Centre for Geotechnics and Geology conducts research and development, expert analyses and opinions and provides technical and technological consulting. We conduct geological-geotechnical research and field measurements; we prepare geomechanical reports in the following fields:

  • engineering geology,
  • geomechanics,
  • engineering objects,
  • field measurements,
  • restoration after landslides,
  • monitoring.

We engage in specific tasks connected with construction, geology and ecology during construction preparations and the construction itself, after its completion and as part of restoration efforts. We participate in large, demanding projects, such as construction of infrastructure objects: railroads, roads and hydro-technical objects; in new residential and industrial developments and in individual business, residential or engineering objects. We also participate in restoration after landslides and other natural disasters.

The activities of the Centre integrate construction, geology and other fields of expertise. We use up-to-date research methods and information technology.

The Centre employs 10 associates - two are master of civil and geological science, three are university graduate civil engineers and geological engineers, two are a civil engineer and three are construction technicians.