Slovenian projects


  • Quality Mark in Construction

    Quality Mark in Construction

    The ZKG as a product/service brand is used to mark the best of the products and services on offer in the field of construction in Slovenia. It helps clients and customers to decide where to invest their resources or what to order. The evaluation process also provides the applicants with the opportunity to compare themselves with the competition. Through the ZKG project, we aim to encourage and steer manufacturers and providers on the difficult path towards quality and towards investor and user satisfaction, which leads to business success.
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  • Energy consulting for the public

    Energy consulting for the public

    You can seek the advice of an energy consultant in a consulting office near you; there are more than 30 offices in total, with one in practically every major Slovenian city. You can obtain the office contact information on our website or by telephone (080 1669 or 01 28 08 401). Energy consulting is commercially independent and free for the public. It takes place in the form of individual consultations, so you have to apply for it.
  • Energy Performance Certificate

    Energy Performance Certificate

    The ZRMK Building and Civil Engineering Institute is in favour of the implementation of the energy performance certificate. Through a public tender, we have acquired an authorisation for the training of independent experts who can issue the certificates. We would like the energy performance certificate to be successful, as we believe that it will greatly benefit real estate buyers. Our company employs energy efficiency experts who perform project design for large buildings in cooperation with the investors. We issue performance certificates for buildings that we designed in the past. We only issue energy performance certificates to natural persons in exceptional cases, as part of a large and comprehensive engagement.
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  • Nearly zero-energy houses

    Nearly zero-energy houses

    The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) demands from the member countries the definition of national or regional standards for the minimum energy-efficiency of buildings for newly constructed buildings and comprehensive restorations. From 31 December 2018 onwards, all new public buildings (owned or rented) will have to be nearly zero-energy. The rest of the new buildings will have to comply with the new requirements two years after that. Properly implementing the EPDB directive is a considerable challenge to many countries.
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